Twists and Turns

Cathedral Picture

When I did my last Camino I never got a picture like this . As I was walking across the square someone called me. It was a lady whom I met in the Montreal airport as we were both setting off on our Caminos. We struck up a conversation for a few minutes and she recognized me as I walked across this famous square. I took the opportunity to ask her to take the classic picture and … here it is! My feet are not elegant but they are happy!

Our Lady the pilgrim

I think only here does this image of Our Lady exist. I like her hat with the shell! Well, she was a pilgrim and a wanderer too. And she ran into her problems! I should take her as a model!

Candles for my grandchildren

How surprised I was to be asked to read the epistle in a chapel where an English mass was being said! Thanks to lots of practice in my home church it held few terrors for me. It made me smile to see that the text was from the Acts of the Apostles. Some Greeks were complaining about treatment given to their widows versus to Hebrew widows! Plus ca change …..I was happy to help but unfortunately this happy moment followed by a nice coffee hour did not turn into the volunteer post I had hoped for. Not surprisingly everything was already arranged. The prayer did me good however as the Mass was adapted to pilgrims and the sermon offered some sound advice.

At the Pilgrim Museum
Delicious lunch at the Dominican Restaurant next door

I also managed to have a halting conversation in Spanish with a Dominican lady of great self control. How she contained her laughter I cannot tell. Greek kept popping out and at one point she answered me in that language! It seems she has spent many vacations there!

It is pouring with rain and I pity any walkers. We are cosy in the alberge just un-jumbling the common fridge to make our modest suppers. Until tomorrow!

One thought on “Twists and Turns

  1. Always enjoy your posts – and the pics, of course. Wonderful that they asked you to read to the congregation. Also sounds to me like you have become even more (or ever more?) spiritual than before? RU keeping extensive notes for 400 stories when you return? Bonne route.

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