Dealing with things

This is the “ you tried” version

This certificate is issued by the Franciscan order just because you ask for it. A sort of – you got blisters getting here – you deserve it. They make you fill it in yourself too. I was wretchedly tired having woken up several times in the night and worried. Tonight I have fished out an abbreviated rosary I bought and have resolved to follow the advice of a kind and articulate priest who suggested praying as a good substitute for worrying.

My anti worry beads

I went to mass at the cathedral and was treated to a great choir, a magnificent organ and the famous butafumeto. This incense burner is a famous feature of some, not all, ceremonies at the cathedral. The whole thing did me good.

The men in red are pulling on the rope

You can see through smoke the silver incense- burner on the left size. It just whizzes along and the congregation, finally allowed to use their phone cameras have a great time.

I found out the public busses are on a wildcat strike so now I have something new to worry about- getting to Madrid in time for my plane. Trusty rosary to the rescue!

The pipes at a strange angle!

3 thoughts on “Dealing with things

  1. These are wonderful pics of the inside of the cathedral. It brought back memories of the incense-filled churches of all my RC friends. And of course, my father was RC. I am very sorry to hear that you have all these challenges. They are being put there for a reason? I am sending strong consoling and calming vibes from the Fall day we are having in Montreal.


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