Thank heavens for busses

First sight of the cathedral

And no! I did not get here by walking. I will write a whole post about the last alberge I was in, Casa Fernanda, but one of the decisions I came to there was that I was not going to walk the Portuguese Camino any more . The main reason was that my titanium hip was not going to take any nonsense from me as in carrying a backpack. It was really difficult to find places that were open early enough for transport to pick up the pack and I simply did not have a place booked for the next night! Another reason was that, to me, the route simply was not as beautiful as the Camino Frances. I know, I know comparisons and all that. However, walking along national roads for hours with huge trucks and busses whizzing by is not my idea of a spiritual experience. So I asked Fernanda’s advice. She gave me a reasonable-sounding plan involving two busses and a train. When I got to the train station about half way to Santiago I was advised by the ticket agent that yrs, there was a train leaving the next day at 9 am! It was raining. The town looked dreary and I had already booked a place ( ahah) in Santiago so I hiked over the train tracks and checked out the bus schedule. Well, schedule…Rome2Rio told me how to book because no one behind any counter seemed able to enlighten me. Most were eating something slathered with cream cheese… even the one who spoke some English through a mouthful early in the day and hustled me onto the second bus.

Pictures from vehicles are never great. This is around Vigo-oyster beds?

I love Santiago and I love Hostal Blanco. It is even better than I remember it. The little individual pods are like train sleepers with a soft light and a charging station. The pillows are miraculously soft and the lockers open and close with a magnetic card. 57 euros for 3 nights! Next door to a supermarket and 5 min walk to the cathedral. I am a happy gal.

Next task … rest this weekend and figure out a trip to the coast! Ps I walk in the street with hiking socks and heavy sandals and no one turns a hair!

2 thoughts on “Thank heavens for busses

  1. So very sorry to hear about your hip. That must be/have been painful, indeed. But Al Hamdilullah, and you are on the road to what you wanted and planned in your mind. And 17 Euros for three nights is amazingly good. Eh? Very nice cathedral – was it just cleaned? Look forward to your next post. Take care


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