Aaand this is how things change!

Obstacles don’t all have horns


This cow – I’m pretty sure it was a cow – blocked my path yesterday but I managed to bypass her! Less easy to get past is a nagging hip pain. In spite of a wonderful walk yesterday ( mostly) the walk along the roads are fearsome! I decided to take a bus/train/something? and get myself to Santiago where I even managed to book a bed for pouring today and I’m not walking!

Above Barcelos
Spring beauty
Supper at the alberge last night

5 thoughts on “Aaand this is how things change!

      • Poco a poco se va lejos- from my Spanish class a half century ago!!!😊 Will pray for a quick hip cure for you. Came across a detailed account of the Camino by a French pilgrim so have a pretty clear idea of your journey. So interesting!
        Hang in there and take pain meds as well 🥰❤️


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