Misty morning


Lovely morning, cool and misty with a bleary-eyed sun creeping up over the roof of the house.  Last night there was thunder and lightning and not the downpour we were forecast, but the face of my garden got a little wash-all to the good.  Many busy robins out on the street and rustling about in the bushes and trees this morning.  I love their erect, proud stance as they go about their business.

Palm Sunday yesterday and, as is normal in the Eastern church, pussy willows.  As kids we used to put the little grey “paws” up to our lips and see who could resist the tickle longest.  Everything comes together this year, Passover and Western and Eastern Easter which makes for a happy time.  A strenuous week ahead but I love the way the year is marked by these feasts, ceremonies, rites.  It suits me and I’m very aware that it doesn’t suit everybody.

I invite you to look at the picture – to look at all of it, the different elements  –  back, back to whatever you see and to make up a story about it.  Come on.  It could be the vase, the tray, the photo, the picture on the wall, the table,  what is in the vase ?  What is the vase standing on?  What’s that little blue square dish to the left of the vase?  Is that table really so banal?  Where did it come from?  Everything to see and everything to wonder about.

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