Well somebody must hatch these eggs

imageLovely Lazarus Saturday yesterday and Palm Sunday today.  I love Lazarus Saturday and think it is at the same time very mysterious and joyful too.  I often wonder what sort of a life Lazarus led after he was resurrected and if he wasn’t a bit obsessed with the whole business.  I expect people were always coming and asking what he had seen or what it was like to be dead. And when he got older was he afraid as all of us are or was he a bit blasé about the whole thing. There are all sorts of traditions about him.  For instance it is said that he only ever ate sweet food after that because life was so sweet when he came back.   From that comes the tradition of giving sweets to children on that day.  I certainly fulfilled my end of the bargain.  There was a lot of talk about eggs and nests and cutting up twigs and making nests and then the question of who was to hatch the eggs and . . . well, hence the fox.  I’ve heard of putting the fox to watch the hen house, but to hatch the eggs really seems to be giving him too much of an advantage altogether.  I think it will rain heavily today and I am very glad of that.  We could do with a good clean up.  I am going down river this week to see the snow geese but I must pick my day carefully as the upcoming week will be pretty busy what with the singing for Holy Week  every night and on Friday three times in one day.  I simply cannot resist the geese though.  I love their strength and their intelligence and their beauty.  I love the black tips of their white wings.  I love their dignified gravity and their single-minded endurance.  I bow to the snow geese.  I literally go to where they are and bow to them in Spring and in Fall.  I wish everyone a wonderful Holy Week and a blessed Pascha and a wonderful Passover and a happy whatever it is you celebrate to the rest of the people and happy landings to the geese.

One thought on “Well somebody must hatch these eggs

  1. I too have been wondering about Lazarus, what was it like for him? From Lazarus to snow geese! A lovely journey on this wonderful feast of Palms!


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