Wildlife too!

imageAlligators in my garden!  Since the temperature is supposed to climb to 25 on Monday and then plummet to zero shortly after, who knows what creatures will emerge?  Some creatures are stirring over my head too.  I finally rented my little apartment and my very. … very. . . young tenants are installing their second-hand washer and dryer.  I like the youngsters very much.  They both work.  They are both quite ordinary but they have that beautiful shine that only the young have.  I don’t mean that they are particularly beautiful but rather that their lack of experience ensures that they have not been hurt too much.  They are still wrapped in the cellophane of youth.  Oh, I know there is something wonderful and attractive about those of us who have been through the emotional wars. ( atomic attacks in some cases).  I like to think that our battle scars, our drawn down features hold a certain mysterious charm.  I like to think that because one must make the best of what one has, after all.  However, never will I regain the clear-eyed innocence of these two.  When the young, oh so young lady signed the lease in my rather formal little living room, she gave a little clap of her hands.  Her beau tok his time and pretended to read the clauses of the lease and nodded before he slowly wrote his name under hers.  First times have their magic.  Few are the first times left to me and so I must find newness in every day somehow.  Well, it is not every day I find an alligator that has wintered over in the yard.

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