I promised you sky


This is the view from the corner of my street.  I like that I can see that beautiful Montreal landmark from my neighbourhood.  It looks as though I could just walk up the little hill and make a bee line for that dome, doesn’t it.  There are lots of obstacles between me and it though.  I’d have to get over a canal and a six-lane highway and clamber up an embankment and then hike through the city streets for a long time before I could climb up the long steep staircase to the Oratory.  I like the way the trees  in the picture form a sort of avenue leading me up to the dome and I don’t mind the cars in the picture either.  The cars mean there are other people around who are looking at the view.  This is the city with the things we make and destroy and cherish.  This is the city with people who don’t care about the dome or about the sky.  I think the star of this picture is the sky arching over everything and really influencing us whether we like to admit it or not.  The clouds have been really interesting the last couple of days; thin like pale veils or dark and heavy with rain sometimes with white clouds overlayered on them.  We’ve even had our first thunderstorm and yesterday in the evening a sort of squall that sent bewildered people running for cover except for one brave girl who walked in shorts and a t-shirt in the first warm rain of the year.  When I saw her I thought that was a girl who was open to the sky, who was ready for the Spring sky.  I was happy to have that girl in the city.

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