Watering the cows



Yes, I bring the cows here to drink morning and evening.  That White-Foot doesn’t always want to come.  Isn’t she thirsty, I wonder.  Brownie comes before I even give her the switch but isn’t it funny that White-Foot gives more milk.  Papa says she’s the best cow.  Thank God it’s getting warmer.  I love to see the little leaves come out on the willows and hear the birds calling early in the morning.  That way you know spring is here.  There’s some cress coming up further down where the stream runs faster and soon there’ll  be marsh marigolds here.  It’s grey in the west and there’s a bit of a breeze so we’ll have rain in the night.  I’m glad the water’s gone down a bit.  I could hardly bring the beasts to drink, it was that wet last week.  I’ll need new clogs soon.  These are worn down and there’s a crack in one.  No matter how carefully I walk, my stocking gets wet.  Ah, there’s White-Foot at it again.  She’s got into the habit of pissing here after she drinks.  She can’t do that.  I have to walk here all the time.  Oof, be off out of there – back to the barn with you!

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