Night sky

imageHere in the city we hardly notice the night sky but somehow tonight it imposes itself upon us.  It is a cold night for April.  The moon is struggling to grow larger.  It is very bright as it climbs up the night sky.  There are even a few brilliant stars that have pierced the light pollution of the city.  The sky is a big preoccupation for me.  I am aware of it day and night.  I think of it stretching out into infinity, endless and cold and full of brilliant stars and meteors, suns and planets.  How protected we are here on our little planet with the thin little blanket of atmosphere that covers us.  Seasons and temperatures, climate, wind, moisture and sunshine, all just regulated just enough to allow us to go on about our business with hardly a thought, hardly a glance at the sky.  Most mornings I have a few moments while I wait for the school bus to pass to stand quietly on the street corner and look at the sky.  Just look to see clouds, or clear blue, snowflakes or rain, or the wind blowing branches against the sky.  Look tomorrow at the day sky or at the night sky.  Look and wonder.

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