Can you hear?


I didn’t see them, clouds too thick

But geese flew over, calling and I ran out quick

But not a sign above- only the sound

Of children in the school playground

Hockey’s out and skipping’s in

And teachers can’t keep discipline

For Spring is here.  The sound of melting snow

trickling and flowing down the street although

The city’s very dirty.  All the nasty secrets

All laid bare in the back lane and in our street

I hear Filomena’s clothesline creak and wonder

surely she’s not hanging out her clothes just yet.

The air is still too fresh and almost wet.  But still

here comes the robin that I’ve waited for so long,

waited to hear him chivy me to hear his song

so like a clear and pure flute note.

singing to his mate a longing sweet love note

If winter was our poison, here at last, the antidote





4 thoughts on “Can you hear?

  1. I liked this. more so because I have sat in that back garden.
    I passed the geese pond on the south shore, west of Three Rivers yesterday. it was quite full.


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