At the Cathedral museum

The butofumaro in the cathedral

When this swings it is a spectacle. Today in the library, where exceptionally photos are not allowed, I asked an attendant why another similar huge incense burner was stored there. Why had it been retired? She was tactful and evasive at first but then it was revealed that it’s particular butofumaro was decorated with insignia from Franco’s regime. Around the circumference of this one you can see blank silver plaques. Insignia of Franco’s elite regiments ran around the old one. We had a very interesting conversation about dealing with past wrongs. I was reminded of our own Canadian struggles with a colonial past and our own “ Truth and Reconciliation “ attempts.

Cathedral square from a balcony

The cathedral museum houses many treasures. I had a look at some today.

Christos Pantocrator
Ste Anne, Mary and Jesus

I admit to jumping in as three British tourists scratched their heads over this one. Too many years as a museum guide! There is a wonderful St Michael too with his scales to weigh our souls

St Michael figures out who’s who
A nativity with a very “ together “ Mary!

These early pieces appealed to me more than the St James narrative of stone boats and slaying Moors. Once we got into the super/flashy gold and silver ( South America colonial period) I had a hard time subduing my Methodist Grandmother’s voice” A long way from Bethlehem “

Off to Muxia tomorrow in a commercial bus tour. I had hoped to walk but…,

8 thoughts on “At the Cathedral museum

  1. Pretty amazing museum – and so interesting to see how the different cultures depict the biblical characters so differently. In the nativity scene, who is the woman to the right of Mary, on her knees in front of Joseph? Also a great story about Franco. When we went to the Canary Islands, we visited the barracks on Tenerife where Franco started his nasty doings. He had died 10 years before (the first time) but there was still an element of veneration. It is 6C here right now…and going down to 0C in the night. Please send Spring


  2. About what were the British tourists scratching their heads? Please give me a recap of the conversation. Also I am not sure you would gave the time and energy to be doing this if you had walked the Camino. An ironic gift you are receiving, don’t you think?


    • They weren’t sure who Anna was. I didn’t want to be obnoxious but they kept asking other questions so we had quite a session for which they thanked me in what seemed to me a sincere way. Livened things up for me too!


      • My mother’s name was Anna so I knew early on who St Anne was!
        I am sure they totally enjoyed their conversation with you!


  3. I think it’s St Anne ( mum lends a hand) but some depictions show a midwife. The guard was a great girl . Said she woke up every day glad to do her job! We had quite a session between her warning about cameras


  4. Dear Iso, I haven’t been able to follow all of your blogs. We’ve been in Victoria for several days staying at the condo of my sister where there is no internet. Now we are back to civilization ( internet???) and I’m catching up a teeny bit. The Cathedral museum is amazing but so is everything else in Europe. The Butofumaro with all its intricacies is a wonder. My head is far from being a wonder and I wish I remembered what I see and saw. Despite my memory blanks, I do take pleasure in the moment and can appreciate all the pictures you are sending us. I hope you are enjoying this camino and are finding it a little easier than the last one. How are your hips and knees? I think you are amazing. All goes well here. The spring is very slow and my daffodils are only just appearing. Out west was cold and damp and there is not much difference here. You will be home in 2 weeks and you will see for yourself. Some of the trees are beginning to show a little green. All this being said, things can change in an instance with a few hot sunny day, the advent of summer. Safe travels, Baby Doll. I look forward to your homecoming, MP



    • I moved my return up 10 days thanks to air points. This is not the French Camino by any means. In fact the last one was a breeze compared to this. I will be home May 2 god willing. Weather bad here too but interesting stuff to see. No internet? Okaaay!


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