Off to Finisterre

At the cape

This looks to me so much like a beloved island in New Brunswick, Grand Manan. However it is the point the Romans believed was the westernmost point of land in the whole known world. It isn’t of course but it is very impressive and beautiful. I had hoped to walk the trip I took today by bus. It’s fine that I didn’t. I sat in a comfortable bus and had commentary in Spanish and English by an intelligent and knowledgeable person.

At Muxia pretending to be a good pilgrim!

We went to several lovely places. The sandy colored monument behind commemorates a terrible oil spill about 20 years ago. The local population rushed to the site and spent months helping the pros clean the shore. Thank God it is now pristine.

A famous beauty spot whose name I have forgotten!

There is a little hydro plant here that supplies the local population. Beauty and practicality. Magic too as the mountain behind was the site of pagan Celtic rites.

Another new friend

The guide wanted to tell me about this huge horreo- a sort of grain storage thing-it’s the longest one in Spain…. I was more interested in this nice horse

Two parishes had a rivalry

I had a very nice and full day. I could never have walked it so good thing there are companies to drive us around and young hopeful people explaining things!

I’ll sleep like a top tonight!

One thought on “Off to Finisterre

  1. Fabulous Isobel. I have walked that bit but it poured and we didn’t see the lighthouse with the fog. Next time.e I went on the bus from Santiago an had a lovely day like you and saw everything. Great photos Isobel. Thankyou for sharing xxEllie


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