A Rainy Day Off

I was as cross as this angel when I saw the dark clouds

I had a few places I wanted to see and so decided to go downtown to tick a few boxes. I’ll be leaving on Monday next so I need to hurry up. Porto, besides being an ancient town built on the steep banks of a river is also in the throes of Metro construction. The Metro is also a very good light rail system that runs above ground. The huge holes all over the place make getting from A to B something of a challenge.

I returned to the cathedral to get my pilgrim passport stamped. The crowds were a lot thinner probably because of the drizzle. I proceeded down a set of breakneck steps, slick with moss ( Narry a handrail in sight) to a very odd Jesuit church featuring some obscure saints and a pretty Christmas nativity scene.

St Kythira and her twin sisters?

I always have to watch where I am going as there are unexpected sills, holes, steps and curbs. I walk and then stop to look.

I decided to pass on a tower of 250 steps. I would only have had a view of fog anyway!

I ended up in a fabulous park called for some unknown reason “ the Crystal Palace “

Over the River Duro
Before the Deluge

It did pour eventually and I returned home a bit disappointed with my jacket. Good thing I have a hood poncho for the walk . Good weather for the next 6 days is forecast.

First one I’ve seen!

5 thoughts on “A Rainy Day Off

  1. Yes, I remember those bannisterless staircases well. I sometimes needed help. Yesterday was so warm and sunny, I sat on the balcony in shorts (& a shirt)

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  2. Happy weather to you . I would say that so far your trip has been a success despite the rainy day. You have managed to avoid a twisted ankle and still you manage to see things. Good for you. I have to keep my head down at all times, not even up fro a breather, for fear of falling flat on my face. Happy tipping Dear Iso. Always a pleasure to hear from you. We have Madeleine and her great godson for dinner. This month is crazy and I will be very happy to be rid of it.Happy tripping, I should say trekking, until the next time


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  3. Hi Isobel, congrats for getting this far.i love reading your amazing descriptions. I would love to put them all together and make a book out of them .I still haven’t reached the Portuguese route yet but its on my bucket list. We head to Armenia and Georgia this June so that’s it for a while apart from going away with my daughter and children. It was lovely to see your photo looking great in your red poncho. Keep up the good work and well done. 👏 untill later stay safe 🙏 ❤️ Ellie


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