Last Day in Porto

Today I went to the Anglican Church. It is Pascha for me and it was wonderful to meet a nice sympatico priest who actually greeted me “Christ is Risen”There was a good organ and choir and since it is the only St James Church in Porto, here is a picture of a rather stern patron. I consoled myself with St Patrick ( my dad’s name)

St Patrick

St James

The service,all in English with many Americans and Brits in attendance was somehow familiar. There was even coffee hour after. It seems usually it is port …. but there was a sort of annual meeting to follow so… I should have thought they would have needed it more on such an occasion.

Oscar Miguel host at the Albergue

Saturday’s bar-B-que was a great success thanks in great part to the intrepid Olena. Coals not lighting? Where’s the hairdryer?

No challenge unmet!

It has been a wonderful experience to live with a diverse and extraordinary group of friends over the past two weeks . Walking in the morning! Camino here I come!

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