Porto from the River

All Aboard!
We went under six bridges and I have forgotten all the names of them!

I finally got to go on my river cruise yesterday in bright sunshine and with thinned out crowds. The views from the boat were lovely but for me the calm feeling of being on the water and off the street was the most enjoyable part of it. I have decided I am not a city person and am so glad to see the start of my long walk in view.

Managed to lose that pole somewhere!
A leisurely walk in Porto!

There are a lot of steps in Porto! Training for the Camino. Speaking of which, I am pleased to say that I managed to get a reservation in a municipal Alberge which is apparently not permitted. I got it by writing a pathetic letter in mangled Spanish and Portuguese describing an aged Canadian who needed her bags transferred to a fixed address and voila! A reservation. I will start to walk on the 17th!

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