Out Back

Yes already

This is the neighbor‘s rose but it climbs the fence to get over here into our yard. You can see from the buds that we’ve only just started.

Yes, these too

Due to scheduling I spent time at home again. I am also waiting for the Easter crowds to disperse. I have hopes that tomorrow, being forecast as fine weather I will finally take the boat ride that was scheduled for last Friday.

An Elder Tree

In the yard pilgrims hand out their clothes and hang out .. their egos, pain and excitement.

Better than the dryer!

And over the fence, the fruit-heavy orange tree in the neighbor‘s garden.

Having spent an hour or so in the bar at the end of the yard I will leave you with these honey images.

One thought on “Out Back

  1. Although you are working very hard, it seems that your location is truly beautiful and that you occasionally have time to enjoy the beauty surrounding you!


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