What a Relief

I cooked!

Came the fateful day when I was required to cook for the whole company. And somehow I managed! Cauliflower and potatoes in onion and tomato sauce for the vegetarians and pasta with meat sauce for the carnivores … and vegetable sauce for the others. Salad of course, and broccetta… is that it…. bread toasted with tomato and/or cheese and wine and thank heavens, cake that some kind person bought yesterday in honor of Easter.

Some people were missing which was a great relief to me. I am totally surrounded by foodies and wine connoisseurs! I was in quite a panic but…. All worked out well.

Kind Francesca told me when the pasta was done to perfection and kind Olena let me off lightly with the cleaning since she could see I would never finish in time if I had to pull my weight today. When it was all snapped up and Brie cheese on soft bread with honey declared the piece de resistance I was chased into the garden “ to rest”. Instead I had a soul searching conversation with an English pilgrim and finally collapsed into the hammock for a short but welcome nap. Now that I have finally had my stint as cook I can relax and look forward to the coming week . I must go on the boat ride one day and prepare for Orthodox Pascha!

Under the camellia tree in the hammock

6 thoughts on “What a Relief

  1. You are getting years and years of experiences condensed into 2 weeks! How wonderful is that? The meal you prepared sounded delicious! And I bet that you are making many many new friends!

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  2. Well done, Iso, on your cooking stint. How many were you, actually? I can’t imagine and not just a meal but 2 meals spread out for the carnivores and vegetarians. No wonder you were so exhausted. Happy Easter, although it may not be easter in your mind. We had 11 for dinner Saturday and they left in a flurry of activity after a spaghetti supper last night , Simone in a real snit but never mind. That child is very bright and a Type A personality personified. Poor parents. Peace reigns again as I start the cleaning up. It is a lovely sunny day and the snow is melting fas, thank heavens. Happy travels, love to you, MP


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    • We were only six so it was just pasta and one meat sauce and one veggie puréed one . I made the cauliflower and potatoes dish pictured and salad, of course. It was more how good they are as cooks that put me off. Glad you were with your gang.


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