Today in Arzua

There was an octopus festival. It was a civic holiday and curiously that meant that until 3 pm the restaurant kitchens were closed. The sidewalk tables were full of people drinking but nary a morsel was to be had for a poor pilgrim. So I trudged on, having bought two horrid peaches and a large bar of chocolate …on and on through the woodland paths where my app showed no sign of human habitation until, at last, Heidi’s albergue appeared.

A warm smile and a welcome

A towel for my shower! Washing my clothes as part of the price of my bed! Dinner at Seven! It was all worth it

Perhaps the last roses before Santiago

A short day tomorrow to the town just before my goal.

4 thoughts on “Today in Arzua

  1. I am glad for you. You wanted to fo this treck. You have acieved it. Just take it easy and get home safely.Love

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  2. That looks like a Border Collie? How lovely! Harvard has shown many times that of all the dogs they have tested over the decades, the Border always finished #1 or #2. Dogs are generally #8 overall though in the list of domesticated animals, with pigs and house cats vying for #1 & #2. I knew you were wondering that, Isobel, so I am sharing. I also imagine that the pilgrimage at the end of a long day is a little like a good cocktail party at times, where tired people try to share stories that have not yet been heard? BTW Have you discovered any special wine for pilgrims? Walk on, dear Isobel. Santiago is calling.


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