Tomorrow Santiago?

If all goes well I will walk 20 km into Santiago tomorrow. All during this walk, pilgrimage, endeavour, hike, I have never said I was going to Santiago. I know that stuff happens. Ankles get twisted, passports get lost, pilgrims get sick or discouraged. I took it one or two days at a time. I walked with wonderful people, banal people, mentally disturbed people, lovable people, boring people, people I could trust and want to stay friends. And I walked a lot by myself and with myself.

Here are some things I saw today

Starting off
Can you see the yellow inside? There really is corn in there
A friend came to say hello
Well, not impossible!

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow Santiago?

  1. So glad that you have are still enjoying yourself and at the same time being safe. Tanya is arriving tomorrow with Victoria and as Tanya refers to him “the boy”  (her unknown boyfriend).i do not know how long they will be staying and hopefully you will get a chance to meet them.Love.

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  2. Oh Iso, you did it or have done it, whatever! Whatever!!! Again. I am so proud to know you and I admire your spunk and perseverance. Your pictures are wonderful but mostly I will be glad to have you home as, I am sure, your family will be. You will find life very boring for a while but you will have to put up with us. I hope you remain friends with those you want to have friends. I am off to put air in the wheelbarrow wheel, talking about banalities. Love you, MP.



  3. Always good to come home! Especially after a life changing adventure like you are having! I have.been your invisible companion all along the way!


  4. You are getting there. It is too rich and profound for anything mundane I could add here. I am sure that a different part of you has been released.You may even a little bout of post-walkem blues? Are you going to try to get to some islands you were considering? It will be amazing when you get to Santiago…


  5. All lovely Isobel, what a great journey you have been on. I look forward to your description of Santiago itself. I hope you enjoy it. Buen Camino Ellie


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