Galicia is a very damp place

Full moon at 8 am

When I set off there was a thick mist and very little light. My albergue was once again out in the countryside and so I walked in obscurity until the sun came up. All morning it drizzled and it was off again, on again with the poncho. I was clammy and damp with sweat and with the high humidity of the surroundings.

Mercifully around noon things started to clear up, I made good time and met up with a few old walking pals. My goal was Milede a good sized manufacturing town. I was very happy to see that I am sharing with Chris, a woman I walked with on the first day of our adventure.

Does this look familiar? It’s corn not snow!
A small sandwich for lunch

The coup de grace today was a “ detour” because of road works that added a kilometre to my walk today. It was a nice change to feel the hustle and bustle of the town for a change.

A selfie with St. James

One thought on “Galicia is a very damp place

  1. A lovely pic of you and Jimmy. I wonder how many selfies he has seen taken, which all include him? The irony is that there is no real proof that he ever visited/preached in Spain. But your pilgrimage became so important as early as the 8C-9C, with lots of little monasteries built to house the pilgrims, that James became the symbol of this undertaking. Also, he was the very first martyr (killed by Herod Agrippa in Jerusalem in 44 AD) so holds that special place. Apparently his relics were send up to the route of the pilgrimage by Rome starting in the 7C-8C. Also saw the corn being harvested. My father wd never talk about the War, but he spent five years there, including Italy, where the Canadian soldiers would ask for corn from the farmers…who thought they were nuts, and considered eating animal food pretty gross. LOL


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