Galicia did its thing

Typical Galician corn crib

Pouring rain to start off and mists over the fields. Well, that’s Galicia. Can’t be green without rain. Ponchos are a pain . They protect you from the wet but they retain body heat and the next stop is stripping off a few layers to stay comfortable.

However by the time we had walked 5 or 6 km the sun came out over Portomarin and we were rewarded by vivid rainbows. The Spanish word is “arc iris” Hope I spelled that right! We climbed up to open heights where the sun and wind played to create a beautiful sky

We could have taken the pot of gold!
Here the wind started to pick up

I was lucky to walk with Anetta a seasoned Camino walker who set a steady pace that helped me get back up to covering the necessary kilometres. It was good to walk in silence and to share ideas, I found as I spoke to her the reason I was called to do the Camino. I owe her a lot.

On to another stage of my journey tomorrow

And here too pumpkins!

6 thoughts on “Galicia did its thing

  1. All still good Isobel, im sure there must be lots of things you discovered about yourself on this lifechanging trip. Stay good just another few days now


  2. More pretty pics, and lovely countryside. And nice that you found Anetta, and could share each other. May I assume that we will be reading some of these magnificent thoughts and ideas in our group? In stories? And perhaps creative memoir writing? We are meeting on Tuesday, and always catch up on Isobel. You will probably be in Santiago. La vie est belle – et profonde. I certainly get the sweating under a rain shell, but Amen for layers. Bon courage, dear spiritual warrior. xo


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