A dreamy day

Early set off

Met some nice people yesterday. One who keeps turning up-Peter, a German who touches the grass every morning as he sets off and who lays his hands upon the old gnarled chestnut trees. The others were an Italian couple, full of fun and a French pair walking together.

Today was the first day of the 100 km gang. These are pilgrims who do a short Camino to get their credential. I learned to my surprise that it is considered a plus on a CV in Spain. It is also a relatively cheap way of getting a walking holiday.

I seem to have underestimated how fast I can walk so I spent some time today booking ahead for a few days to come. I must say it is very pleasant to set out in the garden under a much needed sun/umbrella but I feel I really should be walking. Today I passed under the 100 k mark so this is the home stretch. My albergue really is lovely with state of the art shower and antique paintings all over.there is even a hairdryer-the first I have ever seen!

A horse who knows pilgrims have treats. He appreciated a plum!
MoMA cat guarding the albergue
Traffic on the Camino
Roof inside a “ donativo” take what you like to eat or drink and leave what you want
99 km to go!

7 thoughts on “A dreamy day

  1. Dear Iso, Can you believe it? You are on the home stretch. After all those fears and doubts and over a year of planning you have actually nearly done it. I hope you are proud of your self. I think your legs must be moving in your sleep and you will have trouble getting back to a normal life. Now, what are you gong to do for an encore? You had better start thinking. Love you, Mary Pat



  2. Hard to believe that there is less than 100K left. That is amazing, really. Do you have a few days set aside for yourself in Santiago? Are there spiritual activities too? Be well, and radiate. xo


  3. I am back on line. It seems that Gailene must have switched the hard drive off while moving it on the floor  in order to clean.Supposed to be a cold day today.Good to hear that you have met somebody of your plessure.

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