A beautiful day

Morning sky

It poured with rain last evening and everyone was apprehensive about the day to come. We need not have worried. It was a lovely day

It was quite dark when I left but it soon warmed up and I got a bit hot. I really got hot when my Camino app showed the little blue dot that represents me off the trail in the middle of nowhere. The stone markers clearly said this was the trail though and the prospect of toiling up a steep stoney track to the road where one vehicle an hour passed did not appeal. So I marched on through the most lovely lanes

Finally I came upon this sort of hippie yoga house in the middle of nowhere and they assured me that I was on track. Charming? Yes but the hosts of flies visiting from an adjacent barnyard sent me hurrying along. Turns out the powers that be had made an alternative path off the official one. At the 20 km mark I was very glad to see my albergue appear at the side of the road. Getting into the last week of planning now. Some more beautiful scenery from today.

A traditional storehouse for corn
They didn’t need an app!

9 thoughts on “A beautiful day

  1. Dear Isobel I just can’t believe how well you are managing this incredible challenge you have set for yourself. And you are now planning your last week!! I look forward to your daily posts with such excitement. I will miss it so much when you reach Santiago. I wonder how you will manage ending this formidable journey. With relief? with sadness? with yearning for more? I am so grateful to you for sharing your journey even in this most minute way. Thank you!!! Barbara


    • Well, I am in bed at 6:40 right now. I treated myself to a private room today and, boy am I glad! Things have been challenging but one thing that really struck me today was how totally ok it was to walk alone for hours in nature without any fear or apprehension.


  2. Beautiful Isobel i can only imagine your plight when you were in the middle of nowhere on your own, a little nerve wracking I think but God was on your side and there you onwards and upwards. You have done so well.


  3. I also find it amazing that you have only a week or so left. I think that’s unfair to your readers. Have you considered walking back the other way now? I wd bet that the perspective and the experience wd be very different? And the trip more ‘complete’? Bonne route xo

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  4. Chère Isobel, J’ai lu tous tes textes et regardé tes superbes photos hier d’un coup, en une seule fois. Une formidable aventure.
    Tu m’impressionnes et je t’envie d’avoir fait ce pèlerinage, une aventure physique et intérieure.
    Au plaisir de te revoir un de ces jours et de t’en entendre parler.
    Marie-Thérèse Bataïni

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