I rode into Galicia on a white horse

Her name was Paula and she was perfectly behaved. Victor who got four pretty elderly people up on their various steeds revealed that his ex wife lived in Montreal. A snort and a snicker from Paula and me, a reserved Spanish lady and a couple from Texas were off. Getting off was even more bizarre. I discovered bones I never knew existed.

I was frantic that I would be late but no, thanks to a most unBudist awakening (Stevie Wonder played at top volume) I was soon scuttling along in the dark to the next village and my rendezvous with Victor.

Best of the day
I liked Brownie but had to be content with Paula

For an hour we labored up the steep mountain. Victor kept us al in check. The horses had a well deserved drink after an hour

By this time I had discovered the downside of a poorly padded behind
A wedding at O’Cerebrio

Good luck to them and then we got hauled off the horses and had to walk 10 km to get to our really lovely albergue. Up and down like a switchback. I never would have made it without the horse ride, We had the best dinner in a long time in a sort of stone yurt. I met up with two young people I knew and liked from before and we ate togetherness.

Great statue on the way and appropriate graffiti

I have to sleep now 20 km ahead tomorrow. It termed rain this evening in true Galician tradition so I hope for better tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “I rode into Galicia on a white horse

  1. Brilliant Isobel ,you reached O Cebreiro in Style well done but I know the aches and pains you can get from horse riding if your not used to it ,si tske care and look after those muscles


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