A 12hour sleep

I treated myself to a private room with my own bathroom and towels! I slept 12 hours straight. of course that meant I had to twiddle my thumbs for an hour waiting for the first glim of light and a cafe con leche from the cafe owner who gave me a pitying but indulgent look when I revealed I was a grandmother like her. A large black dog who put the fear of God into me at the end of the village took one look at me, turned tail and fled. Was it the pink backpack? Who knows?

It was spooky in the forest, walking along a paths lined with gnarled chestnut trees. I almost expected a wolf to appear and ask the way to grandma’s house Oh, I forgot, I am grandma.

Not a soul to be seen.

I had to watch my footing too as I manoeuvred down some steep stone steps, then I noticed there was a little cabin under the bank. Why? Who? Don’t you think it’s funny the picture turned out weird?

I hurried on to the town of Sarria where those doing the short Camino set off. I met four people I already knew! One was my first Camino friend from when we set off, I expect more of this as we are all converging from different Caminos to finish at Santiago.

Still serious about masks

4 thoughts on “A 12hour sleep

  1. You are getting there Isobel and doing so well .you will probably meet up with some if the people we met in Orrisson in Santiago. Maybe just under a week to go. X Ellie


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