Out of Leon and into the country

Now it can be told! I fell in Leon as I gazed at some ceiling murals purported to be the “sixtine chapel” of the Romanesque era . Included in the experience was negotiating some Middle Age type steps and … I didn’t negotiate so well. Down I went on both knees and I now have spectacular stained glass color knees.

OK this place is wonderful and French and stunning! Very different from Burgos but I loved the outside too. There was a Middle Age festival going on which added to the ambiance.

My knees look bad but work well. In spite of the look I did 20 k no problem

Sometimes I feel like this
How lovely is this? People used to joust on this bridge!

4 thoughts on “Out of Leon and into the country

  1. Iso, your pictures are stunning and yes, the man sitting down , looking up and without his shoes makes me think off you.The wonder of the stained glass, so beautiful. Hope your knees recover soon. I am sure you are meeting fascinating people. Happy thanksgiving. Do you realize you will be coming home soon. It is mid Oct, or nearly, already and you have been gone a month. Too bad you don’t go to the south of Spain to get away from our dreadful winter. I saw the two loons on the lake yesterday. The juvenile is losing it’s juvenile collars and they will soon be gone. The geese are flying overhead. So sad in October and so inspiring and hopeful in March. Have a good day and tread carefully, dear Iso.



  2. Once again, I love the pics. I do not like the knees…keep an eye on them si possible, and don’t let them stiffen up, if you can. Just saw Rosie and Brian this evening, and they said to say hello. “Hello” Sorry about your knees. xo


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