Camino Showers

The showers of the Camino are strange and varied. They are invariably clean but doors, curtains, glass panels or simply wide-open spaces are the possibilities. At the last moment I decided against a towel ( too heavy) and brought a sort of sarong instead which has served me well. The important thing is to keep track of your stuff..,glasses, knee brace, the dreaded hearing aids, money belt, soap, shampoo and even conditioner if you are feeling glamorous. When I forget to bring my clothes in with me, the sarong does double duty and my hair is always wrapped up in the t-shirt I just removed. Does that count as actually washing it? One looses touch with the priorities on the Camino.

Of course the taps are a complete mystery. Bars, levers, hand-holds. One can never be sure what temperature or force will …or won’t…emerge. The early morning speciality today was the sound effects. Water emerged when I pushed a round knob with all my might. The sound of an elk in mating season accompanied my efforts. It was 7;15. The tap like many on the Camino stopped after a few moments and this is to encourage short showers I presume. Since I was all lathered up I pushed the button again and …moan/groan went the pipes. I had to push the button a total of five times so of course by the time I emerged like a Hawaiian maiden wrapped in my sarong the whole dorm was awake.

Oh well, they had a full day ahead of them.

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