In Leon

Afternoon at the fountain

Yes, I came into town on the bus! I was falling behind and would not have made it without the little “ cheat” of a morning bus ride. And yes, I have a few days wiggle room but my sweet spot of 20 km would have left me short of days. I am staying in an albergue run by the Benedictine nuns and tonight we will have vespers.

I ran into another pilgrim with whom I connected earlier on and was very happy to see his dear kind face. Just when I was getting discouraged…,

A street scene in Leon

The town has a great vibe. Flowers still blooming everywhere


4 thoughts on “In Leon

  1. Dear Iso, for heaven’s sake go a little easy on yourself. Please allow your self to get discouraged, pamper yourself and then get out of it. You do not have to be a martyr to complete this trek and everyone needs a break form time to time. We are having Thanksgiving here—very odd — with only Daniel and Anais and the hellion, Simone, coming. Sophie is off to Metis and Julie is entertaining and as usual Patrick does not know if he is coming or going, I will miss them but not all the drama. Your pictures are amazing. So are you. You are finishing your 3rd week. Wow. A shitload of wows. Happy thanksgiving. Love you , MP



  2. Good for you taking the bus. Nice, as well, that you can have such fun comeraderie, even when separated by routes and distance. Another keeper from this trip, I am sure? What did you do for Thanksgiving, other than feel deep gratitude for being there, for counting and for seeing the goodness of others. Also for the great camera you have in your phone. Love the pics. Please no more discouraging thoughts. Is there an emotional & psychological purge you can find? A kind of therapeutic ExLax for the heart and the brain? Bonne route, chère Isobel.


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