By the River and in the convent

A shorter day today. We were to stay last night in a room adjacent to a group of blind and partially sighted pilgrims. They may not have been able to see but they sure could talk, laugh, play video games and have conversations on their cel phones two and three at a time. My brilliant walking partner tactfully announced that since we are “ senior ladies” we would be moving next door to another section populated by serious Germans and sulky Frenchmen. We slept like tops!

A car with no tail begs for yoghurt

He was my favourite at the whole albergue except for Gabriel who took charge of all my horribly dirty and sweaty clothes, washed them, dried them and left them outside my room in a basket. I paid of course for this but….

Leaving in the morning

We are still on the Meseta but we took the scenic route that follows the river rather than the one along the highway. It was worth it.

The non-river part

Here is a picture of the courtyard of Santa Clara monastery where we are staying …one room with two beds! No no

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