A loooonng day

Twenty five kilometres is a lot more than twenty!

Does that sound odd to you? I have been used to walking about twenty kilometres every day and felt quite proud of myself because I never felt tired or had pains in my feet. I skipped along like a little goat. However today I and my walking partner got a little ambitious . You must understand that it would be a shame to run out of time before we had finished our walk.

We started with a long and steep pull out of Castrojeriz. The grade was 12%. The descent was 19%. I resorted to walking backwards to save my knee on the descent. Michael Jackson roll over! I would only attempt this on paved roads of course.

The weather was grey and cloudy all day with a terrific wind like the breath of God up on the high open plain. This truly is where the sky meets the bare earth now that crops are gathered in. This is the land for meditation.

At last we came to the beautiful canal that has been used for centuries to irrigate the fields. I must say by then we were very tired. We had about a five kilometres walk before we got into town. However we are now safe inside the albergue and ready to make our own dinner in the neat little kitchen. We will sleep well I know!

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