Really walking the Meseta

How cold it was walking out of the albergue this morning! I was glad of my jacket and one of my friends used her thin socks as gloves. The province has lifted some of the restrictions for accommodation because the Covid numbers are very good and so instead of 2 in the room we were 4. I was so tired as I had not slept well the previous night that I hardly noticed. The dawn was spectacular, the sky blue with a beautiful overlay of pink. We walked 10 km by 10:30 and stopped for “ second breakfast”.

An ecumenical church

We met our Camino angel from the day before, Claudio, and had a chat with him before continuing on across the high flat plain. It is very pleasant to walk the track except for the muddy bits.

Hard to miss the path!

Our goal was Castrojeriz and we could see it in the distance after we passed the ruins of the convent of San Antonio,

Time seems elastic, almost not to matter. The sky, clear and decorated with many clouds seems indifferent to our slow progress. I like walking close to the earth. The fields are almost at eye level in some places, the wheat already cut and dry stubble waiting for winter.

Approaching Castrojeriz

Our albergue, simple and welcoming. I am sitting in the town square waiting for the food store to open. Dry leaves rustle and I lift my head, thinking someone will pass by. But no, it is still siesta time and nothing will be open for about an hour.

Oh, in the little church that I liked so much there were slips of paper that we were invited to choose…almost like fortune cookies. Mine read “ let go or be dragged”

3 thoughts on “Really walking the Meseta

  1. I love the little church. Not sure why, but felt that from the pics, there was something “Eastern” about it? Greek or Russian Orthodox? Or maybe that is true of the local religious traditions, as well?


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