On the Meseta

We left Burgos in the dark and in pouring rain. My jacket and poncho held up well but my feet became soaking when I stepped into a large puddle. However, my socks are a bit magic and seemed to wick away the water so that my feet were not at all uncomfortable.

More inspiring than the mural—-we are less than 500 km from out goal

We entered the Meseta. Some people think it is boring because there are no mountains. I do not! The sky and land meet and the little villages are a joy and a mystery. We did just over 20 km today with no discomfort

Flat …. Flat. …,,Flat

A Camino incident

My companion has had discomfort with blisters and other complications. Along comes a gentleman whom I had met at the start of the Camino. He immediately opened an impressive pack of first aid items and tended to my friend’s feet. We walked together chatting and singing into the village where we will spend the night. We will meet again on the road I know.

One thought on “On the Meseta

  1. And we keep learning on this amazing journey. It was meant to be – and the spirits are with you…including all those who wd like to be there with you.


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