Second day in Burgos

I love the energy of this city

Went today to the museum of human evolution. There is a huge site that has been excavated for decades at Atapuerta, Spain and there is a special museum here in Burgos that traces human evolution. It was beautifully set up and I spent a couple of hours there until I ran into a Camino friend and we ended up having lunch together

The domestication of the wolf artist Christina Diez

It had a whole section devoted to Charles Darwin, one of my heros so I spent much happy time in that section.

Unknown to me

We went out to supper as it was Christiana’s last night. We seven to supper. On the way back to the albergue the streets were full of people out for the evening. Perhaps Covid is really almost over!

Must get up early to make breakfast and head out into the rain. I had the most delicious fish for dinner and will sleep like a top.

2 thoughts on “Second day in Burgos

  1. More luxurious discoveries in this wonderful town. How are you finding the walks? Actually, I sometimes find museums more tiring than walking…


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