In Burgos

Boy I am so glad my walking companion and I decided to stay two nights in this wonderful cathedral town. I truly have never seen anything like this amazing cathedral and the beautiful squares that surround it. I will let the images speak for themselves for the most part.

Get ready! You’re in for a treat

The tour of this amazing structure can be downloaded onto a smartphone and….I managed perfectly!

Don’t just stand there…c’mon in

I really have never in all my life seen so much history, art, splendour anywhere!

Well, a rather sad sign of the times…no holy water but hand sanitizer instead
Look up, look way up!
My favourite! Tobias and his fish..,go look it up!

Nothing is perfect in this world of course and the fly in the ointment was that my backpack got delivered to the wrong place and then shipped to the Post Office. Like a big girl I followed my app to a majestic building over a bridge infested with statues and had a surprisingly effective argument with a clerk in Spanish . She insisted it was not there but I managed to convince her that based on an earlier phone call it was. I emerged triumphant with it slung on my back and staggered back to the very comfortable room. I am sharing with Ana. She could not go to the cathedral this am as her feet are in a bad way and needed medical attention. We had a lovely time at the Pilgrim’s mass and a short stroll around the old town. The over- the-top chapel in the cathedral featured this statue of St Dominique with his chickens. The story another time. And so to bed

See his hens? In the last town the actually have live hens in his honor

PS a confession …we took the bus this morning for 45 minutes thus saving two days walking. Our weakness was forgiven by my finding someone’s wallet in the bus and handing it in to the driver

6 thoughts on “In Burgos

  1. What a magnificent cathedral, even with just the photos you sent. It must be awesome (sorry, terrible word) ut if I entered it I would be totally awestruck. I have never been to Spain. If I am ever lucky enough to go I will definitely stop there to feel the magnificence and the history and spiritualism. I think Georges has been there. I am glad you are taking a rest from time to time. MP



  2. I haven’t made any commrnts for a few days as I was scammed by a fraudulent BMO horror story. I won’t go into it. I am exhausted physically and psychologically. I love that you periodicly cheat. You are doing so well.


  3. Love seeing these wonderful saints with fish and chickens ! Also so spectacular the sculptures around them, and yet the character of these saints is not diminished by their surroundings. Your feet must have been saying « thank you, thank you » during the entire bus ride!


  4. Spectacular! And to be honest, quite unexpected in such a small town. I realize with your blog how little I really know of Europe – and the world in general.. You have a gift for words, and now I realize for pics, as well. Bonne route xo


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