A wonderful walk

We past through Astoria today and there was, of course, a magnificent cathedral…,and the fairy-tale castle of Gaudi. I did not tarry as an annoying man started to explain how today’s holiday ( Columbus Day) had benefited the natives. . . By baptizing them. I scooted away after having expressed my complete disagreement

The walk outside of the town was wonderful. I was completely alone in countryside that seemed to belong to no one. The two great luxuries of the age, space and silence, were mine for hours.

Gaudi museum and gardens in Astoria

The high point of the walk was this strange “ oasis” run by a man called David. He offered coffee,fruits, toast and fresh orange juice for whatever one wanted to pay. A French guy told me he allowed him to shower the night before, cooked him a meal and gave him a bed for nothing. There was even a little shack with a stove where we could warm up. How strange he was! He has been doing this for Seven years.

David’s Oasis

We are staying in el Ganza which means “GooseTown”in an albergue where dinner costs more than the bed…and is worth it! See the stork nest on the roof of the church

2 thoughts on “A wonderful walk

  1. How wonderful that good Samaritans actually exist! And clearly you are eating well as you travel! You need that nourishment for your brave undertaking!


  2. I hope that you took advantage of David’s shower? Does he wash the back of people with bruised knees? How are they doing. As to Columbus, he was a major anus – slavery, rape, disease. By 1650, 80% of the indigenous people had died. Thanks in large part to the Church. Jesus wd be horrified…


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