From Najera to Ciruena

We had a nice

Short day today only 14.2 km and that mostly on flat terrain. The first village where we could get coffee however was 6 km from the start so the place was jumping from 8:30 and on. Granny from the balcony was interested!

Who are all these strangers in my village?

The sky was quite grey but rain held off. I walked with a nice French couple who had many questions about Quebec. Five kilometres just flew by. We are still walking through vineyards and ploughed fields. The application of liquid manure by a large sort of tanker spray truck was perhaps an informal Covid test. Yess, I can smell! I was one of the first to arrive at the albergue after a long slow climb up a hill. Many are the blessings heaped on whomever set up the park at the top.

Rest Pilgrim after the hill.

Now ensconced in a nice albergue in this decidedly odd town of brand new and seemingly empty houses ……,we will see what surprises await us at dinner

3 thoughts on “From Najera to Ciruena

  1. Lively Isobel, we are home now, glad you are still enjoying is such an experience. We missed thex12 mass in Santiago we queued for almost 2 hours but no luck so we tried again in the evening and got in but we missed the Bodeiro and the incense experience. I saw it it many times but I wanted Peggy to see it but it didn’t happen.


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