To Castodelgado

A long walk on mostly flat terrain (17 km) that led to a wonderful albergue out in the middle of nowhere. The landscape was stunning with lovely clouds. We are at about 800 meters high. Is that why the clouds seem so low?

Let your eye take it all in

We have a new and interesting companion on our walk. She is Anna, a resident of Oregon who had a career as an opera singer. The three of us, Christiana, Anna and I had deep conversations in the pretty garden of the albergue. It is called Bideluze. More pictures below

This is what happens to sunflowers in the fall
At start of day

7 thoughts on “To Castodelgado

  1. You do not mention the temperature. Are you comforableSo glad the you have the sort of company you enjoy All the best. 

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  2. That is exactly my kind of landscape and Iso, you are meeting. Such interesting people and making unforgettable friends.We signed for the sale of Notre Dame on Monday so that is that. We had to advise Tony , of course and not a word back from either of them. We are having family dinner on Sunday and Sophie will come with the kids but no Tony. I am sorry for Sophie.What a terrible space she is in but maybe not. She has learnt how ro compartmentalize things over the years which is useful but sad (to me). It is cold and grey here 11 degrees. Winter is on its way . Talk to you later, Love to you MP



  3. I am interested to see the alberges in a few more details, how they look inside, the sleeping areas, the dining areas, etc. Also curious: did you book all of these from home or do you just come and stay? Also how much does a one night stay cost? Or is there a site with all that info?


  4. Very nice pics, once again. I came across sunflower fields while cycling in Davis, near Sacramento CA. They had not yet dried off to harvest the seeds. Any harvesting going on along the way?


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