Foot care

No series of posts about the Camino would be complete without a bit on foot care. Peligrinos walk many miles per day and their poor feet protest. Blisters, hot spots, uncomfortable shoes are all part of the game. I have large ugly feet but they serve me well. I just have one spot that has always been a little sore. Today in the middle of nowhere I felt I simply had to “doctor” it a little. There was nowhere to sit for a long time. At last a wamarker appeared. These are everywhere to guide the pilgrims. They are narrow blocks with a flat top about 9 inches square. It sat in a patch of brambles. Gingerly I stepped into the briars. I sat on the column. I opened my backpack and took out a very sharp knife. I removed shoe and sock. I cut a strip of bandage and carefully closed the knife. I wrapped the bandage around my toe and gingerly put sock and shoe back on. It was very uncomfortable and precarious but I managed . I walked another 6 k and my friend gave me this very neat bandage in the albergue.

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