Much better today

We left the very nice municipal albergue and started the long walk through miles of vineyards in the cool air of the country. At some points the trail hugged the highway and I wondered what the drivers of cars and trucks whizzing by thought of the many pilgrims slowly making their way along the Camino

Ripe grapes ready for harvest

The road was quite long and flat and we had an easy walk into the pretty town of Najera. I was a little ahead of my companion, Christina. She is a German who has been living in Greece for many years so we chat away in Greek and English. As so often in Europe I feel very stupid not to know German. I send a few pictures so you can have an idea of The Trail.

Under the cliff in Najera
The door of the cemetery taken from a XI century church

I freak out when I think of the 11 th century. What would they think of our nonsense?

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