A bit of a tough one

We left the charming town of Los Arcos headed for Navarette. We had to go through the pretty big town of Lorgronos which seemed incredibly lively compared to any other place I’ve ever seen here in Spain. I later found out the place was in the throes of the festival of St Martin.

My genius walking partner suggested taking the bus through the long and boring modern part and then rejoining the trail. Good thinking!

We were rewarded by a sign to make the heart of any pilgrim sink ….Road works ahead …detour of two kilometres extra at the end of a 17 km hike! anyway the albergue is lovely and clean and I just had a nice veggie dinner. My bag transfer fell through but…I’ll figure it out in the morning

The gate out of Los Arcos
Surreal mural on the way
Oh no!

4 thoughts on “A bit of a tough one

  1. Detour to the middle of nowhere. I think you are amazing to walk all that distance everyday. It sure is dry there. I tried to send a comment through Word Press but failed, of course. Anyway I’m still with you and your fascinating voyage. Keep on trekking, young lady. Who is your travelling partner now. Is it still the anti vexer from Florida or did you say enough was enough?



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