Alto de Perdon

I was a bit scared of this part, climbing up out of Pamplona to the high ridge out of town. Here sit the wind mills that supply green energy. I took a rest day in Pamplona because my right knee was acting up. In fear of not managing this part I bought some “hemp? Pot? “ ointment at an exorbitant price and hoped for the best. It was the best as I managed to walk through the beautiful farm land and up the famous mount of forgiveness. There stand some silhouette figures only erected in 1996 but seemingly timeless. It was extremely windy up there and I was glad of my hat

It was so good to see that although my knee is not 100% I was fairly comfortable. Coming down was not the hardship described in the book I carry as a guide either. I did not go to the town suggested but stopped a little ahead of the famous Puenta de la Reina. The albergue is very full so others had the same idea.

Now a little about my day’s companion. I met her in Pamplona and had seen her before on the route. She seemed sad and had a horrible blister on her heel, she offered to show me a quick way out of Pamplona ( horrors a city bus) and suggested we walk together. I discovered over dinner last night that she was from Florida and had been “ forced “ to be vaccinated so that she could walk the Camino. Do you sense a sort of mystery here? An anti-vaxxer walking the Camino. I cut short my lecture on how vaccinations prevent disease ( first lesson of the Camino-mutual need creates strange companions) we had little in common, needless to say, but she was a seeker. I learned not to be so snobby and she learned that a bleeding heart liberal can dispense band aids. Who is an angel and who is a devil on the Camino …or elsewhere in the world? I am so thankful to be in this place with a little garden and a little chapel where the Virgin Mary steps on a discouraged serpent

2 thoughts on “Alto de Perdon

  1. That is indeed a discouraged serpent!
    I so look forward to your daily blogs! Glad the the “pot” helped!
    What a great lesson for all of, to accept whoever steps into your life without prejudice! Good thing you supplied yourself with Bandaids!

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  2. Love the sculptures here…they DO look very old, eh? Today we will get a new Bill to limit the horrible demonstrations in front of schools and hospitals.


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