Rest day in Pamplona

A wonderful statue

It was fun to just hang out in a beautiful town. I got my Spanish SIM card sorted for my phone, bought a new poncho since I tore my old one struggling through the bushes and went to the cathedral. I was resting my knee too. I checked in to the same hostel- the converted church. It is run by a charity that supports people withCerebral Palsy. I like the air, the spirit in here. Of course I lost my first Camino companions with whom I started but I will have dinner tonight with a nice lady from Florida who managed to get a spectacular blister that held her back a bit too. Here are some pics of the interior of the spectacular cathedral. At the tomb of the king and queen I note her faithful hounds at her feet and …. A lion at his!

Alabaster king and queen

3 thoughts on “Rest day in Pamplona

  1. I’ve been to Pamplona years ago but I remember the king and queen at rest with their dogs! Don’t worry! The way you are, you will meet so many more friends along the way that you won’t be able to count them!


  2. New wonders – becoming wonderful memories – for a lifetime. Love the pics and the stories. I send along special healing vibes for the knees. Stay safe.


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