Zubiri to Pamplona

It was better, much better than the day before. Not having anything to eat or drink until 11 am did not help but, boy did that spinach tortilla taste good when I finally got it. I was lucky to get a bed at one of the biggest albergues in Plampona and have decided to stay an extra day. I feel there is a lot to see here plus I want to get my telephone situation worked out. Had dinner with my Irish friends

In Basque Country
Many pretty sights in the villages

2 thoughts on “Zubiri to Pamplona

  1. More beautiful pics – and great little vignettes. Glad that you have met up with the Irish, they are good souls.

    And what an adventure. We had a young music director from Basque Country at the UU/Montreal for almost two years. She brought different instruments with visiting friends – including one that sounded like pipes.

    So much to see, eh? And a memorable journey in more ways than one.

    Bonne route


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