More of our decorated town

I feel like I have neglected my blog lately.  I have been concentrating on book sales, signings and fairs and I have done little writing.  I’m trying to get back to writing a little every day.  So, today I set out to find a street with the most wonderful graffiti.  I got a little lost last week and remember noticing some wonderful walls.  I wanted to stop and take pictures but I was in such a hurry and had to drive on.  Today when I went look for the street I could not find it.  I will find it in time, but just for today here is a different look.  This is on Resther close to Moint Royal.  It is pretty surreal but I like the bright colors.

Just a thought I had about selling the books.  It is a really weird feeling to think that these books are travelling around and that I will never see them again.  Good feeling but strange.  I have to get off this ” selling” kick and write more.  I did do a poem about buying clothes from the Salvation Army.  Think about that idea.  Write your own poem about second hand clothes or jewelry.  image

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