Neighborhood graffiti


It’s been  a long time since I posted graffiti and I have some new wonderful ones. Well, lady Justice has been discretely hiding in a little side wall right across from the Monk Metro for a while. I wonder about the person who did this in dark colors  on an unobtrusive surface.  She has a strange hipster mood in my eyes but I love her for her classical tone and execution.  On my way to the Metro I nod to her in her bubble of serious consideration.  She sits on a little jog of the wall of a hairdresser.  If I were cutting hair in there I’d be extra careful in case she judged my cut a little careless, or worse in this neighbourhood, too conservative.

The other piece is is a huge and exuberant wall of magical creatures that reminds me of Alfred Pellan’s work. ( come on babies, you have Google).  I like that it is detailed, light and endlessly absorbing.  I tried to include the names of the artists but if you can’t read them you’ll have to come see.  It’s right across from the  CLSC Ville Émard near the Jolicoeur Metro.

Today was a wonderful late fall day with the last leaves blowing off the trees and the huge clouds driven across the sky.  Wonderful city  of decorated walls and divine wind breath waking us up.

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