Strange, scary, serene

Because I have been working on this project for so long, it is strange and unreal to go on and see my book listed under my name or the title of the book.  What is so odd is that I have not even received any books yet ( probably October 31).  For my dear friends in Montreal, I invite you to wait for an invitation to a book-signing which will take place soon…yes, there will be wine!  For those of you who live out of town, go take a look on Amazon.  If anyone does decide to take a chance and buy it, please take a moment or two to write a review…one word will do, as long as it’s the right word!  That will boost my place on the Amazon pages and prevent me being lost in the deep Amazon jungle.  I will have three book signing events in Montreal so if you can manage  to resist, wait a few days until the dates are announced on this site.  

Sounds calm and organized, right?  No…I had a few sleepless nights  – really!  Stupid mistakes in the proof, scary info given by a publishing agent, ego inflating things…all these can disturb the spirit.  However, the weekend is here.  Time to open a bottle of wine and kick back with a little NPR.  

Oh, the wonderful Beaver Hall Artists exhibition has opened at the Museum and to my great joy I am guiding this totally beautiful collection.  More on that in next week’s posts.  Love to all

4 thoughts on “  Strange, scary, serene

  1. Toute mon admiration et toutes mes félicitations, Isobel !
    Je peux comprendre ta grande joie de voir ton livre annoncé sur Amazon.
    Bravo !


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