And now for something completely different


I really detest squirrels!  No, but I really detest them!  I hate how they eat just a bit out of one apple after another.  I hate how,they look at me as though they think I’ll feed them.  I hate how they look at me with that manic glazed eye that recognizes at last my enmity.  That’s why I was surprised to see this guy in the Mass MOCA when I visited Massachussets recently.  It surprised me to see this rather appealing specimin ( I am trying to be fair here) in a sort of ” room installation”.  It was disturbing because I am rather a pack rat myself and have none of the clear minded sang froid that allows some friends to pitch out anything useless.  I keep old books.  I turn old clothes over and put them back in the  cupboard….just in case!  Paper clips, balls of string, strange chargers for obscure electronic devices, odd crockery, a full button box, boxes of old photos that will never be transferred to CD’s……maybe there is more of the squirrel in me than I like to admit.  Maybe that’s why I detest them so?!

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