Wonky WordPress!


I meant with the book, finally.  I got the proof last week and found a few mistakes which made me grind my teeth ….now I am in direct contact with the publisher to correct those errors and then….order!  Next scene, one hundred years from now people foraging around in my basement find a box of books…”what are these weird things?  Hey,I’ve seen these on The Antiques Roadshow”. I know I’ve been out of the loop for a bit but now, lucky people you will get to find out what really goes on In the world of self publishing. I am already gasping at the price of shipping!  I will only be able to relax after a conversation with the publisher and a note on my computer screen that says “your order placed.  Shipping estimated…”

2 thoughts on “Wonky WordPress!

  1. Hi Isobel, congratulations on your self-publishing a book! My friend did this, too, sighing at the enormous cost, but now she has a little website with e-commerce shop and selling globally! She has sold already half and is making profit now! Best of luck! I’m just setting up my new website on WP – yikes, so I understand your emotions!


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