Hope is a hard taskmaster


Or or perhaps I should say task mistress.  There is something feminine about this business of constantly returning to see if life can triumph over death, love over callous indifference.  No it is not acceptable to keep on inviting, to keep on approaching something or someone who offers no encouragement.  Why keep on submitting those poems.  How laughable.  Have you ever had one published?  Why keep suggesting meetings, lunches, outings?  Had she ever shown the slightest interest?  Why keep on applying for jobs you never get or practicing the violin?  How many times can you play ” twinkle twinkle”?  Many, many times it would appear.  Like an annoying cat that keeps on sidling up in spite of your allergies, or like this little leaf emerging late from what looked like a dead branch, sometimes hope gives us a little surprise.  Random rewards the psychologists call them.  The most effective way of making one keep up these silly and hopeless hopeful things.  This much for today

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